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Diş Hekimi Dt. Erdem AZİM

Digital Dentistry

Esthetic dentistry and digital smile design,

Full ceramic restorations from preparation to cementation,

Dental cad-cam technologies,

Digital integration of dental clinics and laboratories,

Restoring root canal treated or traumatized dentition,

3D radiology and diagnose,

Safer implantology with the help of surgical guides,

Restorations over implants and pink - white esthetic



Diş Hekimi Dt. Erdem AZİM Sarıgazi, İnönü Mahallesi, Demokrasi Caddesi, No:23 D:7 Kat:1 Kaymakamlık Karşısı 34785 Sancaktepe/İSTANBUL Türkiye




The missing tooth must be replaced after the healing process. There are alternative techniques for this process: tooth implants, bridges,removable prothesis. According to your problem,the right technique will be chosen.
Mouth is the beginning of our digestive system. Any different bacteria in the mouth,can spread into other organs of the digestive system and can affect them negatively. All organs and systems work together. When one part is broken, the other parts will slow down.
Generally, among 6-7 seven years old children, tooth grinding is accepted normal. This problem will disappear with growing age. İf it does not disappear ,you should visit a dentist.