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It is not recommended to use the products on this page for more than 3 months without the advice of a physician.

If there is a product you want to buy from this Page, click on its picture and shop from the newly opened window. ASG number links are also automatically registered. but still, if you are asked for the ASG number, it is enough to write 8685857 there, you will see it as ERDEM AZİM.

If you need other personalized products, paste, mouthwash, etc., which are prescribed to you or recommended by your dentist, after the examination and treatment by your dentist. You can consult your pharmacist and use the products or their equivalents. However, if there is a problem in your oral and dental health, these products alone do not prevent and treat your problems. You should definitely consult your dentist for treatment.

Nutriway™ Best Age Bundle

Support your everyday diet with high-quality plant-based proteins and omega-3 fatty acids, while fuelling your body with nutrients to perform at its best! The Nutrilite Best Age Bundle with a 5% discount provides a great selection of products which support the needs of mature bodies.

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