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On this page, you can see some Oral Care products that we recommend to individuals with healthy mouth and teeth in general for daily use, you can order the products from the sites directed by clicking on the product images. If there is a product you want to buy from this Page, click on its picture and shop from the newly opened window. ASG number links are also automatically registered. but still, if you are asked for the ASG number, it is enough to write 8685857 there, you will see it as ERDEM AZİM.

If you need other personalized products, paste, mouthwash, etc., which are prescribed to you or recommended by your dentist, after the examination and treatment by your dentist. You can consult your pharmacist and use the products or their equivalents. However, if there is a problem in your oral and dental health, these products alone do not prevent and treat your teeth and gum problems. You should definitely consult your dentist for treatment.

Chewable Cal Mag Nutriway™

A food supplement with calcium and magnesium that supplies these two essential minerals. The early years are the most important in a child’s development. Calcium plays a vital role in helping to build a solid framework of healthy bones and teeth. Magnesium contributes to the normal nervous and muscle function. Continue reading Chewable Cal Mag Nutriway™

Concentrated Mouthwash Glister™

This concentrated multi-action mouthwash freshens your breath to leave your mouth feeling minty clean, and helps remove more plaque than just brushing alone. Each bottle provides at least 100 minty-flavoured rinses. Continue reading Concentrated Mouthwash Glister™

Toothpaste Travel Size Glister™

A multi-action fluoride toothpaste with REMINACT™ Silica, provides optimum abrasivity for effective stain removal with enamel safe polishing. Clinically tested to remove plaque and fight cavities with regular brushing, leaving your teeth sparkling clean and fresh. Continue reading Toothpaste Travel Size Glister™

Toothbrush Glister™

Complete oral care toothbrush that is gentle to your gums. The unique, narrow head has both soft and medium bristles to give improved interdental cleaning between the teeth and at the gum line. The newly designed handle with non-slip grip, offers improved comfort, control and reach when brushing. Continue reading Toothbrush Glister™