Sağlık Turizm Acentesi


Our health tourism patients can purchase travel (out of our responsibility), accommodation, guide, city tour, translation, consultancy and support services, provided that they contact the Contracted Tourism Agencies on this page and pay their own fees to the tourism agencies (outside our responsibility).

If you also have a tourism agency, you can contact us via our e-mail address to be published on this page. We can make agreements with almost any tourism agency, provided that they have a health tourism authorization certificate, but only the names of tourism agencies that meet the following conditions will be published on this page;
1- To have a Health Tourism authorization certificate and to comply with the necessary legal regulations
2- To help our patients with travel (inbound and outbound flight tickets), accommodation, guidance, city tour, translation, consultancy and support services.
3- Not having an agreement with another healthcare provider that provides dental treatment
4- The commission requested from the fee we will receive from the patients you bring to our clinic should not exceed 30% and should definitely issue the invoice. You can access our treatment fees from the Health Tourism and Health Services Price Schedule provided under the Tourist’s Health link. You will also already earn money from the tourism business. Note: You cannot claim commissions from our patients that we have found and referred to you to run the tourism business; For these patients, you will already earn money from the tourism business (provided that you receive the fee from the patient himself and that the tourism is your responsibility).