Travel Insurance vs Complications Coverage


You probably know more or less what TRAVEL HEALTH INSURANCE is, and I will talk about its content towards the end of this article you are reading. But I would like to talk more about the COMPLICATIONS section of TRAVEL HEALTH INSURANCE, which you can get for your treatments in our clinic.

In the 3 treatment packages whose links you see below, we provide the 6-Month COMPLICATION AND TRAVEL HEALTH INSURANCE Package (the package that does not include Intervention Coverage in Your Own Country) together with the package contents. If you wish, you can pay the difference and get other COMPLICATIONS AND TRAVEL HEALTH INSURANCE packages.

Although we have medical malpractice insurance for all our Dentists working in our clinic  as Private Erdem AZİm Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, foreign nationals who plan to come to our clinic for treatment from abroad should understand why they should pay an additional fee for their treatment and get COMPLICATION AND TRAVEL HEALTH INSURANCE before coming to us. First of all,  it is necessary to explain what the concepts of medical  error (malpractice) and complications are.

What are the differences between medical  error (malpractice) and complications?

Complication and medical  error (malpractice) are very different concepts, both semantically, in terms of their medical and legal definitional frameworks, and in terms of their medical and legal consequences. If we need to state these differences briefly and in items:

  • Medical  error (malpractice) occurs due to the physician’s lack of knowledge, skill, care, attention and experience. The complication is that even though the doctor has shown all the care and attention as it should be and has done everything necessary to the extent that the patient allows it, undesirable results still occur.
  • Medical  error (malpractice) occurs as a result of the doctor’s faulty behavior. As for complications , it cannot be claimed that there is fault on the part of the physician who has not violated any rule of medicine generally accepted by medical science.
  • If the patient is informed about the possible complications that may occur during his treatment and an informed consent is obtained verbally or in writing, performing medical intervention is considered completely legal. However, it is naturally impossible to obtain consent from the patient for medical malpractice, such a contract would be unlawful.
  • Medical  error (malpractice) refers to faulty practices that violate standards in the practice of medicine. As for complications , there is no contradiction with the generally accepted practices and standards of medical science.
  • After a medical practice that constitutes medical  malpractice, even if the process is carried out correctly and well, it may be considered as qualitatively malpractice and liability may come to the fore. However, it can be noticed after complications occur. In case of a complication that may or may not be noticed on time, even if the process is carried out well and correctly, it is out of the question for the physician and the clinic to have any responsibility for any complications that may occur.

For the reasons we have mentioned above, although we have medical malpractice insurance for all our dentists working in our clinic  as Private Erdem AZİm Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, foreign nationals who plan to come to our clinic for treatment from abroad still pay an additional fee for their treatment before coming to our clinic and COMPLICATIONS. AND we recommend that they take out TRAVEL HEALTH INSURANCE. We give the majority of the fee we receive from you to the insurance company that will provide your COMPLICATION AND TRAVEL HEALTH INSURANCE. In addition, we create a small fund for our patients who have purchased COMPLICATION AND TRAVEL HEALTH INSURANCE before coming to our country for treatments from our clinic, so that even if the insurance company creates a problem or the amount the insurance company will pay is not enough, we will cover the needs of our patients who suffer from any complications through this fund. Let us help you troubleshoot.

Bonus Table

Dental Complication Plan
20,000 Turkish Liras

If you wish, you can add up to 200 EUR Intervention Coverage in Your Home Country to your policy by paying 10,000 Turkish Liras more.

If there is a treatment process in the dental treatment plan that will last longer than 6 months, the second policy initiated 6 months later along with the first policy must be taken within 30 days following the first policy issue. In this case, the coverage period is considered as 12 months. In long-term treatment planning, if a second policy is issued more than 30 days after the first policy start date, it is not taken into account as complementary policies.

If you want your policy to cover complications that may occur within 12 months instead of 6 months from the date of issue, you can get it by paying 40,000 Turkish Liras instead of 20,000 Turkish Liras and you will also be entitled to Intervention Coverage in Your Home Country up to 300 EUR.

Below you can see the detailed content of COMPLICATION AND TRAVEL HEALTH INSURANCE, although some of its conditions may have changed. (Please ask us for the latest content)

Coverage Table

Dental Complication Plan (EURO)
Inpatient Treatment Coverage (Complication Coverage)2,500
Accommodation Coverage Due to Complications1000
(with 100 Euro Exemption)
Transportation Guarantee1000
(with 100 Euro Exemption)
Medical treatment30,000
Travel and Transportation of the Insured
Funeral Transport
Luggage Loss350
3rd Party Financial Liability3,750
Legal Protection500


Inpatient Treatment 2,500 Euros

Medical complications arising after dental surgeries, similar operations and medical interventions performed at Private Erdem AZİM Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, which has the Health Tourism Accreditation certificate within the borders of Turkey, are paid for treatments in line with the coverage limits specified in this policy. Dissatisfaction due to personal preferences within the scope of dental treatments is not included in the scope of this policy.

Revision surgery or intervention costs required to correct complications are covered. Rehabilitation and physical therapy expenses that may be required after surgery or intervention are not covered by this coverage.

The relevant coverage is only valid for the surgeries or interventions specified in the policy. Complications arising from medical treatments or practices outside the policy plan are excluded from coverage.

Supportive treatments provided before and after the first surgery or intervention and revision surgery or intervention (for example, blood pressure control, supportive drug treatments, IV drip, blood sugar regulation, etc.), additional examinations and follow-up examinations required for other health problems unrelated to the surgery. is not covered by this policy.

Tests and medications required for medical procedures related to Dental Complications are among the expenses paid under this policy. However, diagnostic procedures performed other than the diagnosis required by medical intervention and standard preliminary examinations that must be performed before surgery, and medications unrelated to surgery are excluded from the coverage.

The following complications are covered within the policy limits;

-All undesirable situations that occur after a treatment performed by dentists.

-Situations requiring hospitalization for at least 24 hours due to allergic reactions due to local anesthesia.

-Continuous bleeding requiring repeat surgical intervention.

-Stitch opening or loosening requiring re-intervention.

-Permanent paralysis affecting muscles due to local anesthesia.

-Abscesses requiring intervention depending on the procedure performed.

Tooth extraction: Complications that occur during the intervention of non-specialist dentists and are subsequently referred to specialist dentists.

Dental prosthesis: Porcelain fractures occurring in the aesthetic area of ​​fixed prostheses.

Implant: Implant loosening and infections even if appropriate patient selection conditions are met.

No guarantee is given for the following situations; -Problems arising from physician application errors

-Interventions, operations and all kinds of examinations that will need to be performed due to damages that may arise as a result of other complications or malpractice that may occur during the operation and additional diseases of the insured.

-Complications after teeth whitening and scaling.

-Continuation of a painful condition that does not require invasive intervention.

-Color and shape problems in the tooth, prosthesis or implant.

-Temporary numbness and loss of sensation due to local anesthesia.

-Treatment of negative situations that occur during treatment in the same treatment session.

-Complications experienced after the treatment of jaw adjustment problems applied by dentists.

-Implantations made after immediate extraction, implantations made into infected tissue, short implants made due to bone deficiency]

-Filling and root canal treatment complications are not covered

-Complications after orthodontic and periodontics treatment.

-Dental prosthesis and implants

-Expenses related to prostheses and implants that the person has approved in advance but does not like their shape and function after they are made.

Transportation Guarantee

If the insured needs to return from his/her country to Turkey for the treatment of complications arising from a treatment applied in Turkey or for the revision of the surgery, the expenses incurred for an economy class flight ticket, max. It is guaranteed for 1000 Euros. A 100 EUR exemption is applied to transportation coverage.

Accommodation Guarantee Max. 1000 euros

If the insured has to stay outside the hospital for the treatment of complications arising from the dental treatment performed in Turkey or for the revision of the surgery, this is covered within the scope of coverage. A maximum daily coverage limit of 100 EUR is covered. Accommodation expenses of 100 EUR are exempt in the Dental Plan. Accommodations that continue after this exemption period ends are covered. Except for complication treatment cases, optional accommodation expenses are not covered by insurance. These accommodation expenses are covered provided that the medical report submitted by the doctor performing the operation is deemed appropriate and approved by the insurance company. If the medical report is not approved by the insurance company, these accommodation expenses are not covered.

Third Party Financial Liability 3.750 Euro

As a result of an accident that may occur during the insured’s travel period, coverage is provided up to the total liability limit stated in the policy against the consequences of compensation claims that may be made by third parties against the insured due to legal liability, which may occur due to material and physical damages suffered by third parties. It provides assurance within the framework of the applicable provisions of the Third Party Liability General Conditions and the coverage limits recorded in the policy. If there are other insurance policies that cover the liability of the insured at the time the risk occurs, this coverage is valid for the parts that exceed the liabilities of the insurers regarding other policies, provided that it does not exceed the limit written in the policy.

Special exceptions; If the insured travels with his own vehicle, legal responsibilities that may arise from the use or operation of the vehicle and that will belong to the operator of the vehicle in accordance with the Highway Traffic Law and other general provisions; Liabilities arising from the insured’s profession, business activities and products manufactured; Claims for non-pecuniary damages are outside the scope of this guarantee.

Total Liability Limit During the Policy Period: In this insurance policy, it is the maximum compensation amount that the insurer can pay in total and during the policy period, based on the bodily and material damages covered within the policy special conditions and Third Party Financial Liability General Conditions.

Legal Protection 500 Euros

Without prejudice to the provisions of the Legal Protection Insurance General Conditions; It provides protection for disputes between the insured and the policyholder that may arise from complications covered in the policy opened in Turkey. The issue of guarantee does not cover disputes based on personal taste and compensation obligations awarded in the case, based on the guarantee fee of 500 Euros; 30% for attorney fees and 70% for litigation and enforcement expenses are covered. In attorney fee payments, the official minimum wage tariff will be taken as basis. 

Travel Coverages

Medical Treatment 30,000 Euro

In the event that the Insured suffers from one of the emergency diseases covered by this policy (or is injured), the Insurance Company will pay the hospital, surgery and treatment expenses, as well as the costs of the medications prescribed by the relevant doctor, on behalf of our contracted Insurance.

Transportation of the Insured’s Body : In case the Insured dies due to sudden illness or injury within the scope of this policy, the Insurance Company; He/she will organize the transportation of the body to the requested address for burial.

Funeral and burial expenses are not covered.

Travel and Transportation of the Insured

In case of sudden illness or injury of the Insured under this policy, the Insurance Company shall transport the Insured to the nearest suitable medical center or from one medical center to another by ambulance or any other means of transport deemed most appropriate by the accompanying doctor and the Insurance Company’s doctor. will cover the expenses. Transfer from one medical center to another will only be provided if the medical center does not have the necessary equipment and medical team for the treatment of the patient. In order for transplantation to take place, a medical report issued by the treating doctor is required. Only the Insurance Company’s doctor can decide on air ambulance service.

Luggage Loss

In case the baggage is lost, stolen or damaged on scheduled flights and cannot be found within the period determined by the Airline Company (Minimum 21 days), the guarantee will be deemed valid, subject to the loss, damage or theft report of the airline. The insurance company we have a contract with will pay the insured within the limit of 350 EUR. The amount of compensation to be paid by the contracted insurance company will be determined by deducting the compensation amount paid by the responsible airline company from the damage reported by the insured. The insured is obliged to submit the list of baggage contents, estimated price and purchase dates, and the compensation payment document received from the airline company. Money, jewelry, credit cards and any documents are outside the scope of this guarantee. A depreciation allowance will be applied in the calculation of the cost of the declared and covered baggage content. In practice, items purchased six months before the date of damage and declared with an invoice will be paid based on the invoice amount, within the coverage limit and participation rate. A 50% depreciation allowance will be applied to items that are longer than six months old (invoice submission for the relevant item is required). 

Special Conditions

-This policy is issued only to foreign nationals, and is not issued to dual citizens, provided that one of them is a Turkish citizen.

-Although the geographical limit of the policy is specified in the policy, any complication treatment that may occur outside Turkey is excluded from the coverage.

-This policy provides coverage to insured people between the ages of 18-65.

-For travel coverage, the policy is valid for trips lasting a maximum of 92 consecutive days. Even if a new policy is issued for travels exceeding 92 days, this period cannot be extended without entering the borders of the country of residence, and the new policy/s will be deemed invalid.

-In case of false declaration, the policy will not be considered valid and no compensation liability will arise.