HEALTH TOURISM Medical Ticketing INCENTIVE for our patients coming from abroad Our advantage

Turkish Airlines, with which our Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic with a Health Tourism Authorization Certificate has an agreement, and Tourism Agencies with a Health Tourism Authorization Certificate, allows our patients who will come to our country for dental treatment through us to come to Turkey in cooperation with the Service Exporters Association (HİB) for Health Tourism and at our clinic. It offers special tour prices and transportation opportunities under affordable conditions to health tourists who will receive treatment. These special packages have been prepared to be used in health packages created by health institutions. If you want to come to Turkey for dental treatment and choose our clinic, contact us and we will create a package for you. and Send us your treatment plan and you can have your round-trip Economy Cabin flight ticket purchased by us by adding a total of 40 KG baggage allowance for you and up to 3 companions to your treatment packages and a total of only 20,000 TL (charged separately for each roundtrip). 40,000 TL for a round trip for the Business Cabin, including 100 kg baggage allowance). Below you can see our sample packages including Economy Cabin flight tickets (If you wish, you can fly in the Business Cabin by paying a difference of 40 thousand TL for implant packages (for visiting twice), and 20,000 TL for smile design packages, the number of times you visit will be re-charged according to the conditions of that day);

MEGAGEN ALL ON 4 ® Package

Full Mouth Implant Package(Per Jaw)

MDCT HOLLYWOOD SMILE MAKEOVER(Hollywood Smile with 20 guaranteed Zirconia Crowns) Consisting of 10-upper,10-lower VITA® Zirconium crown veneers, Digital Dentistry, Hotel Acoomodation in beatiful sea city of Istanbul Vacation

The advantages provided to the patient and the intermediary organization in medical ticketing and medical flights are as follows:

Advantages Provided to Health Tourists;

Companion: 3 companions can benefit from the passenger (provided that they travel together on the same PNR).

Flexible Ticket Rules: Right to change without penalty.Full refund if the passenger encounters health problems before the flight.

Baggage Allowance: Economy Cabin 40 KG, Business Cabin 50 KG

Fast and practical travel organization presentations at fixed prices in the Health/Treatment package.

These advantages are valid for ticketing made through an IATA member, Health Tourism Authorized Tourism Agency with which we have an agreement.
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